Unhidden Content – Enjoy The View!

Grab the related hashtags that have the most exposure in the stats with the most per hour. Usually grab the green and blue tags in RITETAG. Be sure not to use spaces in your hashtags.

Here’s an example of the green and blue hashtags with high exposure:

Blue means you can expect people to see this tweet in just MINUTES. Once you’ve got a list of 10 green and blues with 25k+ exposure each then grab your 1-5 twitter accounts. No phone verification is required. Follow a few people is good and set a profile image. Write a few things in the bio if you want too, but not necessary.

Now find 10 images related to your niche for each tweet, use google images. Write 10 dif tweets and try to make good use of ALL 280 characters per tweet which includes 1-8 hashtags you found each and the short tweet text such as “OMG funny shirt seller”.

Now head to circular.io where you’ll be scheduling these tweets so you can tweet from unlimited twitter accounts. It’s awesome and free.

Go to circular, log in with your twitter account and connect extra accounts too. Now go to settings, set your time zone to your country. Then “posting schedule” where you can setup your tweets EVERY 15 MINUTES. So 3 accounts means you’ll tweet 12 tweets per hour. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well a small number of tweets will drive visitors to your site or shortened affiliate link.

Here’s the schedule page to help out:

Head back to the dashboard and create your tweets then click ADD TO CIRCULAR. This is the easy part and can be repeated everyday. A little variation can be nice too, but not real necessary. Add your image to help inspire more clicking too. Here’s the dash:

“OMG funniest tshirt for sell!! #funnyshirts #OMGshirts #insaneshirt #SellingShirts #HilariousClothes #BuyAShirt”

Spent 15 minutes daily copy and pasting tweets into circular and voila $$$.